AKA The Black Shepherds

This small, ancient, and long-hidden organization seeks to undo the damage Kindred do to humankind, knowingly or unknowingly. As they attract many pariah clans, they have had to do their work in the background, but recent events may have forced them to come out into the light.


Leader: Blind Theo, Salubri
Silas, Salubri
Mariah, Gargoyle


Their main goal is to help those they feel are harmed by Kindred power struggles. Silas shelters some kine in . Ronnie has learned of this. Dr. Danilo Friis suspects much of this.

Secondarily, they work to undermine the Tremere.

The group has recently revealed itself to the Coterie after realizing the dire need for them to take greater action (and the appearance of a group who may help them to accomplish it).


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