Someday My Prince Will Come

Since the downfall of Jeanette Holmes in late 1992 the city has been without a prince. The primogen have performed the duties so far, but this is not likely to last. Internal and external tensions are likely to demand that a prince come to power or the city fall into decline.

The Once but Not Future King

Erasmus Frye, the former prince and current archon, was acting prince for a time, but returning officially proved politically untenable, as he had come into the position under the pretense of having no hand in city politics. It is well known to most that this was essentially a lie, but there has been no proof that he’s meddled in the city’s affairs to date. With the possibility that further entanglements might bring this to light, Erasmus realized he had boxed himself in with trying to appear to be above the fray. He has abdicated the informal position and seems likely to leave the city altogether. Some think he may try to play kingmaker for one of his own clan before he leaves.


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