It has been discovered that Cretia made her move and took over her clan’s leadership. She imprisoned King George in the bowels of the Dymphna Institute, where neither Geneva Oglethorpe nor her staff are capable of perceiving him and he is incapable of using his vaunted powers of illusion to protect himself should he escape.


According to Eugene, Cretia was given a powerful ritual by the Tremere, apparently as an agreement to test it out on their behalf. It is unknown what, if anything, was exchanged for this. The ritual allows the caster a range of possible powers over the subject, provided one of the subject’s members is removed and specially treated to prevent decay (and in the case of Kindred, regrowth). Cretia has the King’s leg; with it, she has prevented him from using Obfuscate and Chimerstry to hide himself.

She also has Eugene’s arm, up to the shoulder; she used it for a while to keep him from speaking about her role in things. When he would attempt to speak in such a way that it would reveal her as having had any part in it, he would simply make no sound. Likewise he could not write it down or otherwise communicate on the matter. Attempting to describe people or events indirectly would lead to blanks; the ritual effectively blocked his ability to communicate his memories if they would involve her. This hold has now been broken and he has informed the Coterie about her plot.


Several Nosferatu have died since the ‘93 Flood. However, none of them were presented Kindred, so the Camarilla cannot punish her for their deaths. Likewise she has made no move against any sanctioned members of the sect. Hugo has regretfully informed Keagan Connolly that this ties the Camarilla’s hands, and for them to go after Cretia at this point would risk something akin to war with her followers.


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