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  • Jeanette Holmes

    Appearance: early 40s. Short light brown hair, power suits. Imperious when angered but more often engaging. Won control of the city in the 60s by styling herself an outsider, hard for a Ventrue to accomplish. She did this by contrasting herself with …

  • Roman Callough

    Appearance: 30s-40s. Short brown hair, swept back. Usually wears sweaters or long shirts without buttons. Lantern-jawed, broad-nosed, gruff and generally unattractive. Hands usually by his sides when his arms are not crossed. Desired by Holmes, who …

  • Cyrus Cahill

    Appearance: 60s. Gray hair and beard, both trimmed short. Seems to prefer charcoal suits with silver pinstripes. In life he was a railroad magnate and in unlife he maintains strong ties to the rail lines.

  • Darren Fielding

    Childe of [[:jholmes]]. Appearance: late 60s/early 70s. Brother of a former city police commissioner who used his influence with the KCPD to help enforce the Masquerade. Killed by [[:tariq]]. [[:nbright]] rose to take over much of the control over the …

  • Maribelle Prentice

    Childe of the late Gaston Buchard. Appearance: early 20s. She is Buchard’s great-granddaughter whose family emigrated to the US when she was an infant.

  • Terry Durand

    Childe of the late Gaston Buchard and second cousin of [[:maribelle]]. He was brought over from France by his sire in the 70s to shore up the clan’s ties to European business interests.

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