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  • Casimir Bolayev

    Appearance: late 50s/early 60s. 5’9”, stout and broad-shouldered with a ring of silver hair around his bald pate. Wore pinstripe suits and many rings. Amiable. Met his Final Death at the hands of [[:tariq]] inside the chantry. According to Al- …

  • Diego Mendes

    Appearance: middle 20s, brown hair and green eyes. Grandchilde of [[:bolayev]], childe of the ate Regent’s late childe.

  • Willoughby

    Appearance: 40s, 6’ and slin, graying brown hair, weak chin. Spent a long time in torpor from injuries inflicted by [[:tariq]].

  • Dr. Danilo Friis

    Known to play chess with [[:jenny]]. Dislikes [[:poppy]]. Obsessed with blood and its powers. Afraid of the dark.

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