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  • Erasmus Frye

    Sire of the late primogen Terrence Frye, grandsire of Catherine Frye, and a human ancestor of both. Former prince of KC who was elevated to an archon by the sect and gave up his position. After the disgrace of his successor, Jeanette Holmes, in 1992, he …

  • Ernest Cooke

    Appearance: late 50s. A rotund Southern gentleman with short white hair, 5'10". Prefers charcoal suits and bolo ties. Architect and sculptor. Brother of Betty. Brought his sister to the city when his sire became primogen; he is a strong proponent of …

  • Elizabeth "Betty" Cooke

    Appareance: late 40s, 5'8" and medium built. Former ballet dancer and benefactor to many dance companies in the Midwest. An inveterate gossip but enjoys sharing information more than having an opinion on it (aside from music and dance). Lost her childe …

  • Catherine Frye

    Appearance: Early 20s, 5'7" with long blond hair. Childe of the late primogen Terrence Frye and grandchilde of [[:erasmus]]. Has latched onto [[:ernestcooke]] as a surrogate father and listens to his counsel on political matters.

  • August Harper

    Appearance: late 30s, 6'1", olive skinned and athletically built. Childe of Robert Tyne, who was destroyed by the Sabbat in 1990. An art historian and one-time Camarilla enforcer who managed to fight his away out of the Sabbat's clutches but could not …

  • Abel Martin

    Appearance: mid 20s, 5'5" and slight of build. Abel is a mural artist who has taken a liking to the street art in KC and cultivated a shadow-following of tag artists around town after his appearance there in late 1990. He helps them evade the police and …

  • Cid

    Art dealer, socialite, and compulsive cleaner. Regnant of [[:harumi]]. Childe of [[:poppy]].

  • Poppy Campbell

    Socialite. Possible [[Camarilla]] harpy. Childe of [[:hughlarssen]] and sire of [[:cid]]. Regnant of [[:dimitri]].

  • Hugh Larssen

    Appearance: a man in his early 20s with a heart-shaped face and short light-brown hair. Always impeccably dressed. He usually has a well-groomed mustache. Lately he also sports a goatee. Sire of [[:poppy]]. Hugh has taken many names over the centuries …

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