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  • King George

    Appearance: Short and bald with pointed ears and overly long arms. He has a severe underbite and his mouth is extraordinarily wide, making his working-class English accent come out awkwardly. He almost always uses Obfuscate or Chimerstry to appear in the …

  • Cretia

    Sire of [[:jenny]] and [[:delilah]]. Self-proclaimed Baron of the Wyandotte sewers. After the recent upheaval, her whereabouts are unknown; no one topside has heard from her in nearly two years.

  • Spinning Jenny

    Childe of [[:cretia]]. Like more than one Nosferatu in times past, she was a Jenny Greenteeth. Some time after she came to America in the 50s she took up residence in the Missouri River and changed her name. Provides the clan with information on the …

  • Delilah

    Childe of [[:cretia]]. Runs the Nosferatu computer network, the Schrecknet, in KC.

  • Booker

    Appearance: Stooped, with a spine that curves outward into a horrific hunchback. He has lank brown hair except on top of his head. He collects trucker hats that he wears to cover his bald spot. Booker assists [[:delilah]] with the network on the …

  • Eugene

    Appearance: Bald. His right eye is missing both the upper and lower eyelid and his right ear is mangled. The left comes to a sharp point. His arms are elongated and his fingers clawlike. He prefers heavy metal t-shirts. Facilitates communication …

  • Arch

    Childe of [[:kinggeorge]]. Appearance: amphibious/piscine. Arch is the public face of the clan at conclave. He is one of the few Nosferatu who has been seen regularly since the upheaval.

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