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  • Marquice "Strut" Wade

    Chile of the late Brujah elder Orion. Sire of Woody. Appearance varies but always includes eye-catching suits, hair, and jewelry. Very influential in the drug trade, chosen by Orion because he was an up-and-comer with forward-thinking ideas about the …

  • Wilson “Woody” James

    Childe of Strut. Named for his beloved black ‘48 Plymouth Special. Appearance: 40s, short beard, glasses. Acts as his sire’s right hand and negotiator. Sire of Loopy.

  • Tanya “Loopy” Ramos

    Childe of Woody. Appearance: Late 20s, long black hair, Hispanic, thick muscular build, dresses mostly in A-frames and jeans. Named for her late sister Lupe, whose birthdate (1-4-77) is tattooed across the knuckles of her left hand. A former drug …

  • Marcos Boudreaux

    Former Marine, childe of Dexter. Killed his sire upon their second encounter. Lives with his dog in a bad part of town. Suffers from nightmares and is haunted by a Dark Fate.

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