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  • Marcos Boudreaux

    Former Marine, childe of Dexter. Killed his sire upon their second encounter. Lives with his dog in a bad part of town. Suffers from nightmares and is haunted by a Dark Fate.

  • Ernest Cooke

    Appearance: late 50s. A rotund Southern gentleman with short white hair, 5'10". Prefers charcoal suits and bolo ties. Architect and sculptor. Brother of Betty. Brought his sister to the city when his sire became primogen; he is a strong proponent of …

  • Elizabeth "Betty" Cooke

    Appareance: late 40s, 5'8" and medium built. Former ballet dancer and benefactor to many dance companies in the Midwest. An inveterate gossip but enjoys sharing information more than having an opinion on it (aside from music and dance). Lost her childe …

  • Catherine Frye

    Appearance: Early 20s, 5'7" with long blond hair. Childe of the late primogen Terrence Frye and grandchilde of [[:erasmus]]. Has latched onto [[:ernestcooke]] as a surrogate father and listens to his counsel on political matters.

  • Diego Mendes

    Appearance: middle 20s, brown hair and green eyes. Grandchilde of [[:bolayev]], childe of the ate Regent’s late childe.

  • Dr. Danilo Friis

    Known to play chess with [[:jenny]]. Dislikes [[:poppy]]. Obsessed with blood and its powers. Afraid of the dark.

  • Cyrus Cahill

    Appearance: 60s. Gray hair and beard, both trimmed short. Seems to prefer charcoal suits with silver pinstripes. In life he was a railroad magnate and in unlife he maintains strong ties to the rail lines.

  • Maribelle Prentice

    Childe of the late Gaston Buchard. Appearance: early 20s. She is Buchard’s great-granddaughter whose family emigrated to the US when she was an infant.

  • Terry Durand

    Childe of the late Gaston Buchard and second cousin of [[:maribelle]]. He was brought over from France by his sire in the 70s to shore up the clan’s ties to European business interests.

  • Spinning Jenny

    Childe of [[:cretia]]. Like more than one Nosferatu in times past, she was a Jenny Greenteeth. Some time after she came to America in the 50s she took up residence in the Missouri River and changed her name. Provides the clan with information on the …

  • Delilah

    Childe of [[:cretia]]. Runs the Nosferatu computer network, the Schrecknet, in KC.

  • Drawlight

    Appearance: Late 20s, 6’2 and lanky with medium-length shaggy brown hair, a permanent 5 o’clock shadow, and an unsettling grin. Dresses in long coats and t-shirts and is often to be found in the company of his only friend, [[:callough]]. After his …

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