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  • Tanya “Loopy” Ramos

    Childe of Woody. Appearance: Late 20s, long black hair, Hispanic, thick muscular build, dresses mostly in A-frames and jeans. Named for her late sister Lupe, whose birthdate (1-4-77) is tattooed across the knuckles of her left hand. A former drug …

  • Abel Martin

    Appearance: mid 20s, 5'5" and slight of build. Abel is a mural artist who has taken a liking to the street art in KC and cultivated a shadow-following of tag artists around town after his appearance there in late 1990. He helps them evade the police and …

  • Willoughby

    Appearance: 40s, 6’ and slin, graying brown hair, weak chin. Spent a long time in torpor from injuries inflicted by [[:tariq]].

  • Eugene

    Appearance: Bald. His right eye is missing both the upper and lower eyelid and his right ear is mangled. The left comes to a sharp point. His arms are elongated and his fingers clawlike. He prefers heavy metal t-shirts. Facilitates communication …

  • Sullivan Meeks

    Appearance: early 40s, 5’5”, balding, and slightly pear-shaped. A calmly-spoken night librarian at the main branch of the KC Public Library. He shows no apparent emotion but has an encyclopedic knowledge of things that are not apparently in the books he …

  • Cid

    Art dealer, socialite, and compulsive cleaner. Regnant of [[:harumi]]. Childe of [[:poppy]].

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