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  • Wilson “Woody” James

    Childe of Strut. Named for his beloved black ‘48 Plymouth Special. Appearance: 40s, short beard, glasses. Acts as his sire’s right hand and negotiator. Sire of Loopy.

  • Pigeon

    Real name unknown. Appearance: 16, 5’7” and stocky with curly brown hair, glasses, round of face but flat of expression. Wears hooded sweatshirts and talks very little. Childe of the late [[:ranger]]. Keeps contact with all creatures who fly, …

  • August Harper

    Appearance: late 30s, 6'1", olive skinned and athletically built. Childe of Robert Tyne, who was destroyed by the Sabbat in 1990. An art historian and one-time Camarilla enforcer who managed to fight his away out of the Sabbat's clutches but could not …

  • Booker

    Appearance: Stooped, with a spine that curves outward into a horrific hunchback. He has lank brown hair except on top of his head. He collects trucker hats that he wears to cover his bald spot. Booker assists [[:delilah]] with the network on the …

  • Poppy Campbell

    Socialite. Possible [[Camarilla]] harpy. Childe of [[:hughlarssen]] and sire of [[:cid]]. Regnant of [[:dimitri]].

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