Tariq Al-Rashid


Follower of Set, 7th gen
Status: dead (Final Death early December 1992)


Appearance: 30s. Tall and well-muscled with olive skin, a long nose, and green eyes. Highly attractive, but with a tendency to stare. Was to be a childe of Jeanette Holmes but captured by the Setites and Embraced. To corrupt him they told him she sold him to them, driving him mad. Prone to megalomania and psychopathic behavior toward Kindred and kine alike. In Prague in 1910 the Blood Hunt was proclaimed on him. He was thought destroyed but escaped. He blamed Holmes for not protecting him and hates all strong sire/childe ties. His degeneration led him to concoct schemes to ruin such relationships before killing one of them, both of them, or sparing them only to see them ruined and hateful of one another. He nurtured grudges among bloodlines and tipped off the Sabbat when it helped cause Holmes trouble, but would not allow them to kill her, as he wanted her to suffer as long as possible, then destroy her himself.

His last stand involved setting the Astor Arms chantry on fire and killing Content Not Found: bolayev_ before being slain by _Content Not Found: vonbraun (with the help of the coterie). Before his Final Death he claimed victory of a sort – that in killing the Regent he’d silenced the only one who knew of a secret Black Hand agent who would bring the city to its knees.

Tariq Al-Rashid

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