King George


Nosferatu, 6th gen
Status: active


Appearance: Short and bald with pointed ears and overly long arms. He has a severe underbite and his mouth is extraordinarily wide, making his working-class English accent come out awkwardly. He almost always uses Obfuscate or Chimerstry to appear in the form of a kingly man in his early middle age with brown hair and a regal beard, dressed in fur-trimmed robes and a great gold crown. In this form, he speaks in a lofty and magnanimous tone

He was keeper of the Grand Library under KC, which he had not left in decades. For most of that time he kept a frosty truce with Cretia across the state line, but during the ‘93 flood Cretia overthrew him and robbed him of the use of both Chimerstry and Obfuscate using a ritual that includes the King’s severed and thaumaturgicaly preserved leg, which are in her keeping. He may not use disciplines of illusion or re-grow his limb unless the original is destroyed.

He is imprisoned at the Dymphna Institute, though neither Geneva Oglethorpe nor her employees can perceive that he is there. He could escape, but it would get back to Cretia, and he refuses to try until he has his illusions back, for fear that she will destroy him.

No one topside except the Coterie knows his whereabouts. He remains technically primogen, as no one has claimed the seat and his childe {[:arch]] attends Conclave in his place (following Cretia’s instructions on pain of his sire’s Final Death).

King George

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