Jeanette Holmes


Ventrue, 6th gen
Former Prince
Status: fled


Appearance: early 40s. Short light brown hair, power suits. Imperious when angered but more often engaging. Won control of the city in the 60s by styling herself an outsider, hard for a Ventrue to accomplish. She did this by contrasting herself with Erasmus Frye. The former prince was now an archon, while Holmes vowed to work with the city first and the Camarilla a distant second. Her promises proved solid, and her infrequent contact with Camarilla leadership won her the political capital within KC to be more autocratic than Frye was.

Her rule crumbled when it was revealed that she knew about Tariq Al-Rashid and did not act with sufficient force to prevent his murders. Her standing in the city fell further when it was discovered that she’d hidden her newest childe, Content Not Found: vcapelli_, from the city, as well as _Content Not Found: nbright. She left the city in early 1993 and has not returned.

Jeanette Holmes

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