Jasper Plinsky


10th Gen Malkavian


Myron and Alice Plinsky were an average couple living in the jewish neighborhood of Southfield in Detroit when they gave birth to their only son, Jasper in 1969.

Jasper was a good kid, if a little average. He didn’t really excel at much in school and never got in trouble. He was well liked and always made friends easily. When he graduated high school, he attended East Michigan University along with his closest friends, Miles and Leo.

He entered the pre-med program at his father’s behest like a good jewish boy should and did okay, as with most things he attempted, he neither shone nor failed. While he studied medicine, he practiced his true passion which was drawing, specifically manga style comics. He often sculpted things he dreamed about and wrote and drew stories to accompany the sculptures. He only ever showed his art to his friends.

While in college, he met Benjamin Rosenthal and fell madly in love. The two began dating and shortly after they celebrated a year together, Jasper came out to his parents. It didn’t surprise them but it took a while for them to get used to the idea, especially when they met Ben but they eventually accepted him into the family.

Life went on as it does and two years went by for Jasper and Ben. While he was living his american life, he was completely unaware that he had gained the attention of a malkavian who stalked him for almost a year.

Just a few nights after they celebrated their two years, Jasper received a visitation in his dorm room. He awoke to a woman’s voice, seeming to carry on a conversation with herself. As he looked around the room, he finally noticed her standing at the foot of his bed. His first thought was she was wearing an awfully white shirt when he realized she was naked. A slight frame, she had to be in her early 20s. She seemed to be staring at him intently while talking to herself. She seemed to arguing over what to do with him.

Thinking she was simply drunk and lost, he got up to help her when she attacked him. It was the last living memory he had. Over the next 4 days, the malkavian blood burned in his veins as it transformed him physically and mentally. He felt as if his body was being stripped away layer by layer as his mental self floated free through the universe. The transformation period was peppered with Abigail’s voice as a constant sussuration in the background, as she argued with herself over and over again.

When he began to come to his senses, he awoke tied to an old rusty bed frame somewhere in the sewers beneath Detroit. Abigail was there squating, still naked, staring at him and whispering to herself. It took a few days before he would listen to anything she had to say as he struggled to free himself, his hunger growing stronger each day. She explained what she had done and that she did it to save him from a life toiling quietly when he was so close to the secret of the Art and the Shoal. She spoke these words with reverance. She tried feeding him rats and other animals she found but he refused until the hunger wouldn’t let him anymore. When it had reached such a peak as to cause frenzy, she brought him a homeless man to feed on, and stopped him before he could kill him.

His hatred of her increased daily as she refused to untie him until he had learned. She taught him the tricks of their blood and what it meant to be chosen by the Blood of the Shoal. He learned what it meant to be malkavian and he hated her even more. She seemed unable to understand his feelings on the matter and chastised him for not accepting the gift she gave with more grace. 6 weeks he spent tied up with her down in the sewers, until through sheer desperation and anger, he tapped into a strength he didn’t know he had and broke free before she awoke one evening. He ran back to this life to find that they had been looking for him, that there had been a search and flyers. His family and Ben were overjoyed that he was still alive.

He tried so hard to return to normal but the hunger wouldn’t let him. Attempting to feed only on animals at first, it wasn’t enough and soon his family and friends noticed that he was different. Ben most of all. He refused to tell ben anything of what he had been through and it illustrated how different his life had become. It culminated one night when he had only been feeding on small animals for a few weeks that the hunger overtook him when Ben cut himself shaving one night. He frenzied and fed off Ben, almost killing him before regaining control. Horrified, he ran away but his love of ben seemed to the only thing that kept him centered.

He wrote his parents and friends letters saying that he was sorry. He wrote a letter to Ben telling him everything that had happened to him and why needed to stay away, until he could find a way to come back safely.

That was 3 years ago and his life has been vastly different. Always staying close to Ben, leaving little notes here and there, drawings sometimes as well, he followed him as he graduated from law school and moved to Minneapolis. There, he befriended some Brujah who taught him how to control his strength and how to fight. They also taught him what Abigail seemed unable to, that to be a malkavian is to be insane. Those brujah were more honest with him than any other vampire had been and he always kept a special place in his heart for that clan. The other Malks he met, he tried to stay away from unless he really had to interact with them. He slowly learned what his gift had actually done, what it meant to feed off a human and how their very essence stayed in him, tormenting him. It opened his eyes to the realm of the unknown and began to hear and sense the restless dead as well. While other vampires looked like walking corpses, he never lost that pinkish hue to his skin which helped him.

Secretly, he wants to kill Abigail and watch her burn which is something he keeps to himself. He continues his long distance relationship of sorts with Ben, and tries to stay closer to him most of the time. He followed him to Kansas City after he got a job offer there in estate law.

Jasper goes long periods of time wearing no shoes as it helps him to feel more grounded and less likely to fly away, a fear for him ever since his transformation. He tries to keep from wearing them at all but recognizes the need for them at times. He goes through slightly manic cycles regarding his own hygiene, going weeks without changing clothes or grooming of any kind and then seemingly without reason going through a period of being obsessively civilized.

Jasper Plinsky

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