Gangrel primogen, 5th gen
Status: active


Appearance: 6’, broad, well muscled, and brown-skinned with long black hair. Wears t-shirts and jeans. Hugo has a burn scar on the left side of his face, extending from below his nose to his neck and from the midline of his face to his jaw. He has healed it supernaturally from a scar that used to cover most of that side of his face, but it has been slow to recover. His manner is stoic and he rarely shows emotion in his face or voice. He lives in the West Bottoms with four large ghoul dogs. Mentor to Keagan Connolly.

Hugo was part of the Camarilla’s failed attempt to overthrow the Sabbat in Mexico City in the mid-eighties (from which he got his scar), though he helped cause them grievous injury before the retreat. He knows the Sword of Caine wants him dead for the trouble he caused them.


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