Hugh Larssen


Status: active


Appearance: a man in his early 20s with a heart-shaped face and short light-brown hair. Always impeccably dressed. He usually has a well-groomed mustache. Lately he also sports a goatee.

Sire of Poppy Campbell. Hugh has taken many names over the centuries. He returned to KC recently at the request of Erasmus Frye to aid in their clan’s ascendance. Over a century ago he turned from purely artistic pursuits to Camarilla politics and has worked as a clan operative in one function or another since. He is frequently in and out of town.

Hugh was kidnapped by the Sabbat some weeks back and replaced with a Tzimisce, who went on to blow up the primogen when he came too close to being discovered. The real Hugh was left in an abandoned strip mall as a distraction to the coterie.

Hugh Larssen

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