Geneva Oglethorpe


Malkavian, 7th gen
Former primogen
Status: active
Born Philadelphia 1878


Appearance: A tall, wiry, and graceful transvestite, she wears extravagant dresses and gossips freely with all clans. On her left shoulder at all times is Myers, a stuffed blue parrot with whom she converses seriously.

Geneva runs Dymphna, a mental institution in North KC. She allowed the Camarilla to use the space for an important meeting that was attacked by the Sabbat. In the attack she lost control of herself after Myers was taken from her. She had a psychotic break and exhibited a telekinetic link to the building itself in her altered state. She brought a whole floor down, accidentally leading to the death of the Toreador primogen. So regretful was she over her actions that she gave up the primogen seat and dedicated herself wholly to treating the mentally ill, particularly among her own kind.

Geneva Oglethorpe

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