Malkavian, generation unknown
Status: active


Appearance: Mixed Caucasian/east Asian features, early 20s, round-faced with a broad, toothy smile (uncomfortably toothy at times). He wears button-up shirts and keeps his dark brown hair buzzed short. When excited his voice gets higher pitched and his normally relaxed posture becomes twitchy.

His primary derangement manifests as an intense delusion of his own “specialness” and a need to preserve (or, when he’s particularly bad off, increase) that feeling. He dissociates himself from any heinous acts this drives him to commit, rewriting events so that he is always the good guy.

Eustace is another childe of Abigail who enlisted Jasper‘s help to kill her. He told Jasper that their sire Enbraced three others that day and killed them when they didn’t meet her standards. In the eventual standoff with Abigail and some of her newest brood, it was revealed that Eustace killed them. After bringing Abigail to the brink of Final Death, Jasper prevented Eustace from diablerizing her by deadening his emotions; when Jasper destroyed her, he warned his “sibling” that he would feel obligated to take revenge on him.

He currently resides in one of the secure cells at dymphna.


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