Malkavian, 8th gen
Former scourge
Status: unknown


Appearance: Late 20s, 6’2 and lanky with medium-length shaggy brown hair, a permanent 5 o’clock shadow, and an unsettling grin. Dresses in long coats and t-shirts and is often to be found in the company of his only friend, Roman Callough. After his arrival he drove off several unpresented Kindred, mostly caitiff, and outright killed at least five, as well as several ghouls (whom he was appointed to eliminate for Masquerade violations). Widely considered to be a sadist.

He apparently left in 1993 and hasn’t been seen in KC since. It’s been revealed that he was a former low-ranking member of the Black Hand, one who was rescued from a suicide mission by Callough and reformed (though the degree of his reform is debatable).


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