Roman Callough


Ventrue, 7th gen
Status: active


Appearance: 30s-40s. Short brown hair, swept back. Usually wears sweaters or long shirts without buttons. Lantern-jawed, broad-nosed, gruff and generally unattractive. Hands usually by his sides when his arms are not crossed. Desired by Holmes, who snatched him away from several other princes who wanted his services, but at great political cost; the only way to get the “winning bid” was to negotiate with the Camarilla to have a Seneschal appointed, a post she’d left empty for decades, also from outside her city (and her clan). The feeling from the city’s elite on this was mixed, with some approving of her being flexible on Camarila matters while others saw it as her showing her true colors at last.

Formerly ran with Content Not Found: drawlight, who has since disappeared.

Roman Callough

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