Status: dead (killed by Jasper March 1992)


Appearance: Early 20s, full-figured with dishwater blond hair and big, wild eyes. She never wears clothes, but mostly uses Obfuscate to appear as someone else. She rarely shows her true form to anyone who is not one of her childer (or someone who is about to be one).

Sire of Jasper and Eustace. She delighted in tormenting her progeny into greater and greater feats of madness (“lessons”). She Embraced three others the same week as those two, though they are all dead (at the hands of Eustace, as it turns out, though he’d maintained that she killed them herself). She tended to Embrace five at a time, always young men of about college age, though it’s not clear how many times she did so.

Her childer drew her to Dymphna with a ruse about Jasper seeking treatment. Enraged that he’d abandon her “lessons” she descended on the hospital with her newest brood. She died in the ensuing fight. She was nearly diablerized by Eustace but Jasper, wanting to destroy her outright, prevailed over his “brother” and tore out her heart.


KC by Night mrbroom