AKA: Ibrahim (full name unknown)
Malkavian, generation unknown
Status: active


Appearance: late 40s, 5’9” and lean with salt-and-pepper hair (when he chooses to have any) and often a beard to match. His English is perfect and unaccented though his Arabic is not contemporary, leading many to be uncertain how old he is.

When in the throes of his madness, his fingernails grew horrendously long and his hair was long and bushy. He pushed a shopping cart and spent much time among the homeless. Abe’s memory of all that occurred around him was perfect, but whether he recalled any given event at a given moment was highly uncertain. He was known to forget to reply to people in English rather than Arabic, Spanish, or other tongues. He would at times also forget he couldn’t eat food, with unfortunate results. He would eventually recall anything that has happened in the last several years, but if he recalled anything of his life before he came to America he did not speak of it.

Some time in earl 1993 he changed and became apparently lucid. All his old memory woes were gone and he appeared to remember his entire life again. He dressed in suits, shaved his head clean, and ascended to the primogeniture. He appears concerned with helping his fellow Malkavians.


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